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The Impact of Instagram on Promoting Tourism and Travel

Nowadays, sharing travel experiences is a lot easier than old paper guidebooks that used to be sold in bookstores twenty years ago. Instagram has become a fast and effective to share inspirational travel experiences.

For example, when a Instagrammer tries a new dish from a certain restaurant, they’ll just take a picture of it and caption it that the food is so delicious and it’s a must-try.

People can immortalize their experiences through photographs and sharing them with a larger audience via social media. This means that everyone now becomes a potential ambassador of different destinations and cultural experiences encountered during their trips.

There’s a survey conducted on Instagram that concluded that the platform is the go-to social networking site for 48% of people who are looking for their next destination to visit, while 35% use Instagram to get inspiration from different new places.

Instagram allows us to interact and get inspirations from the people we know and trust when it comes to making travel decisions: friends, colleagues, travel agencies, and social media influencers. The impact of Instagram is controlled by brands as well, who create content that connects to the desires of people who want to travel more and discover.

The main strength of this platform is its strong emphasis of visuals and extremely mobile social media tool. It allows travelers to share stories successfully, making it easy for the users to know about the destination’s traditions and culture.

High quality photos can make any person or business a credible travel ambassador and influencer.

Instagram started as a social media channel, but as time goes by, it became as a personal tour guide that acts as a new travel agent. Travel brochures are rarely being used as social media, like Instagram, has taken over the game of traveling.


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