Basic Guides on Packing for First-Time Travelers

There are few things that you can do when it comes to preparing your bags or luggage for

your trip. To make your whole travel experience a little easier particularly for those first-time

travelers, here are some basic guides for the newbies when it comes to packing:

Make copies of your important documents. Having extra photocopies of all

of your important documents (passport, flight information, accommodation

bookings, travel insurance, tickets, etc.) is a must. Keep these documents separately

from your originals just in case you lose them. Store them in an envelope and keep it

on your luggage. It is better to have an extra than sorry.

Check the weather of your destination before packing. If you’re visiting South Korea during their summer, you’re not going to need big and heavy winter jackets. If you’re visiting Canada during their winter, it will surely be snowing, and you’ll definitely need a thick jacket. You can check the weather updates on determining the climate of your desired country.

Check whether your booked hotel if they supply toiletries. Most hotels do

provide complimentary shampoos, soap, toothbrush, and conditioner these days.

Give them a call to double check so you won’t have to pack extra things.

Put your essentials in your hand-carry bag. This is necessary since luggage

these days get missed frequently. Just to make sure when this happen, prepare the

following things on your carry-on bag: extra pair of underwear, toothpaste and a

toothbrush, spare outfit, deodorant, your gadgets (camera, laptop, phone, and

chargers), and mini first aid kit. Though some of the airlines doesn’t allow liquid

substances in hand-carry bags. Ask first before preparing it so you won’t have to

transfer things during checking-in your valuables.

The lighter you pack, the better. Always remember that you can purchase

things that you forgot when you arrive at your destination. Leave your unnecessary

things behind. Packing light is the best way to go, regardless of where you’re

traveling. Create your packing list so you won’t have to miss any important things.

Here are some things that you can follow so you’ll worry less on your first international trip!

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