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6 Ways To Turn Your Business Trip Into a Mini Vacation

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Business trips can be exhausting, stressful, and hectic. But there are ways that you can turn your busy professional trip into an enjoyable and relaxing one.

1. Do your research.

Plan ahead of time before your trip to look for fun activities to do and landmarks to see at your destination. For sure, there will be a lot of leisure activities available at every destination. Just Google it and make your priority list.

2. Choose your hotel wisely.

Having your hotel in a great location has a lot of advantage in terms of easy access, especially if it has great amenities. There are hotels that have fitness centers, massage services, and amazing pools. Make use of those amenities to feel more relaxed. Also, since nobody has time for long rides and public transport trips, look for a hotel that is near good restaurants, malls, bars, museum, and places that you can enjoy your free time.

3. Work your schedule intelligently.

It is expected that work trip days can be super long, but it is still possible to relaxed in between of those days by just planning your free time properly. This will give you time to free your mind from stress.

4. If possible, plan your meetings at fun locations.

Your meeting can be in a coffee shop that has a good vibe and serves great coffee, a local restaurant to try their specialty dish, or a pastry shop because a little sugar won’t hurt. Also, organize your meetings at a location that is near fun places that you can enjoy afterwards.

5. Stay for an extra day or more.

This will give you more time to relax and not worry about “making the most” out of your trip if you have a very hectic schedule. You can leave the weekend before or schedule the meeting to end on Friday so you can stay a couple of extra days.

Photo by: Amaris in Barbados

6. If it will fall on the weekend, why not bring the family.

If you are going to consider staying for a few extra days, bring the family along and make your business trip into an awesome vacation with your loved ones. They can go somewhere else while you are working, and later you can regroup with them for an amazing dinner at night. Once all of your commitments are done, you can finally enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy a hectic business trip. You just have to manage your time wisely and relax. We need to have our “fun time” as well to stay away from stress—balance is key!

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