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5 Ways to Save For Your Next Trip

Planning for your trip is exciting when you’re looking for ways on how to save money with cheap flight deals, vacation packages, and discounted tours. There are a lot of ways that you can save a few coins, but you should start with the basics--most that you can act on starting right now!

Here are 5 travel hacks to save money when you’re on a tight budget.  

1. Create a Budget. Implementing a budget is one of the best ways to save your money. Consistency and simple spending are hard to do, but with determination and control, it is not impossible especially if you have a worthwhile goal. Keeping track of your incoming and outgoing money is a must. There are also free budgeting apps that you can install on your smartphone so you can always keep track of your spending.

2. Keep Your Change. Even coins can quickly turn into a big vacation savings. Gather all the change, loose bills and coins from purchases that you make every single day and put them in a jar. This will allow you to save money every day.

3. Open a Savings Account. Opening your dedicated savings account will make you want to save more and watch it grow if it’s exclusively for your vacation fund. You can set aside a small amount for auto withdrawal from your checking account when your regular paycheck is deposited. It will go directly into to your vacation savings account and you will barely feel it.

4. Treat Your Vacation Fund as Your Bill. If you really want to take saving for your vacation seriously, treat it as you would like with your any other monthly bills. You’ll surely “pay” your dues once you change your mentality and the reward will be sweet.  

5. Track your Loyalty Rewards. Pick credit cards that give you points toward airline tickets, hotels, amenities, and other rewards that you can use toward your vacation. If you use your card and pay it off every month, you can rack up free money toward your vacation.

With these little sacrifices, you’ll surely have your dream vacation without worrying about money. More savings, more travels!

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