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Personal Vacation Photography

How It Works

  1. Choose your destination from the dropdown menu.

  2. One location is usually 1-2 hours and multiple locations are 3 or more hours depending on the distance of the sites.

  3. Enter an exact or range of dates that would fit your schedule. It is recommended to not pick the first or last day of your trip in case of unforeseen issues (e.g., weather, flight changes).

  4. Book your VIP vacation photographer experience and we will follow up with an email to collect more specifics of your trip to tailor your shoot.

  5. Photo shoots are $250 per  hour for all locations (except Iceland). First-time customers will receive a discount of $30 off for their first booking.

  6. Use the 'Contact' form to inquire about new destinations. We can find, vet, and show you a sample of the photographer's work prior to booking if notified 1.5 months in advance of your trip.


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Please provide the number of people for the photo shoot, the number of hours, and the preferred dates in your message.

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